Legal services for legal and natural persons

Writing of claims and legal documents to the court. Representation of the Clients, the attorney. Preparing the documents of establishment for legal persons, establishment of legal persons. Civil, bankruptcy and other cases of legal persons. Sales of enterprises (VAT and non-VAT). Protection of consumer’s rights. Support in bureaucratic abuse cases. Civil, administrative, family and other cases of natural persons. Consultations on migration. Solving of disputes with banks and insurance companies. Protection of shareholders and investors' rights. The real help in case of legal dispute.

Accounting services

Accounting services from 60 euros/month. Filling of declarations. Arrangement of abandoned accounting. Preparation of financial reports. Representing the companies during STI checks. Filling of statistical reports for companies. Financial analysis and tax issues for companies. Arrangement of personnel documents for legal entities. Registration of company as VAT payer. Presentation and explanations of accounting and tax basis in the Republic of Lithuania. High-quality binding of accounting and other documents using Unibind Steel Bind technology.

The assessment of losses experienced

After a crash / car accident or an insurance assessment. Objective assessment of losses experienced after a crash / car accident. An independent expertise and assessment of the damage after a car accident. Services of experienced certified independent valuer. Help of experienced lawyer/attorney. Disputes with the insurance company.

Tax Law Consultant

We advise during inspections and help to optimize the company's taxes. We help to prepare the documents, when tax inspection was implemented or inspection act was written. Other practical help.

Factual and legal assistance in business and real estate purchase, sale, lease in Lithuania

Services of independent valuers in order to determine the asset value. Help in finding real estate. Help in finding buyers, tenants in order to lease the property. Help in real estate transactions.

Creation of business philosophy and advertising slogans, creative and business texts

We prepare texts, speeches, present the company, idea or product. We write articles, perform critical analysis of business texts. We write business texts and presentations. We write witty poetical presentations and other texts according to your wish.

Search of clients, organization of sales

Customer search services. Negotiations and organization of sales.

Translation services

Text and verbal translations

Office services, translations, good CV, selection of workers, help in studies

Services are provided in ENGLISH, RUSSIAN, LITHUANIAN