The company “Finaura” which is working for you for over 10 years joins associates companies and business partners in order to provide competitive and quality services.
Your work and tasks that were assigned will be carried out or maintenance will be implemented by highly experienced professionals, responsible and energetic people with high professional qualification: attorneys and lawyers, experts in the field of public procurement, accountants and tax consultants, translators, teachers, consultants who have gained national and international recognition, auditors, experts and others.
The main aim of the company “Finaura” is effective solutions that are based on the understanding of the Client’s needs and expectations and their practical implementation.
We work for you, and you create us. Trust and everything will be fine.
There is no situation without possible solutions – we find them.


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    Prices for services provided

    Legal Services 20€*

    Write the circumstances of the dispute or legal situation, formulate questions or expectations. Consulting, advice, preparation of all types of documents, representation in court and other institutions.

    Legal Pretenses 50€*

    Writing of pretenses and legal documents to the court. For the sale of a car with hidden defects. For the actions or inactions of the insurance company, bank. For the actions of real estate brokers and / or sellers, etc..

    Insurance Damages 20€*

    Have a dispute with an insurance company or bank? Contact us for incorrectly calculated damage, improper communication, process delays, etc.

    Accounting Services 60€*

    Accounting from 60Eur / month. Filling of declarations. Arrangement of accounting neglected. Preparation of financial statements. Representation of companies during STI inspections.

    Tax Consultation 60€*

    We help to choose the most appropriate form of activity, provide remote consultations and conclusions on tax liabilities (recoup personal income tax, etc.) and occurred or future transactions (sale of land, etc.)

    Help from a Attorney 100€*

    Attorney's consultations, help in courts and other institutions. Complex cases and complicated situations. Trust us. A good attorney always evaluates the constitutional aspect of a case and then narrows the legal insights according to lower rank law norm.